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de-fuzzing the hairbal

The guy had it all: the apple watch, chucks, suntan, polo shirt and dynamic posture. He was oozing agility and creativity – the agile action-man! In his keynote he shared the approach that he and his team took to create innovative breakthrough in a tech-dominated corporate. The approach seemed similar to his image: agile, action oriented and cool. 

build leadership!

Businesses are re-discovering the customer! After years of inward focussed, efficiency driven business doing, where the bottom line was a result of a business’ savviness, rather than of customers’ engagement, the focus now is shifting. With companies like Apple and Nike thriving on the dedication of their devoted and happy-spending customers, others want to follow suit. The question remains how to grow a customer base as loyal and motivated as the one of Apple: loyalty is not enough, customers also need to spent and motivate others to do the same!


How can we prove that an investment in design correlates, or even causes, an increase in stock value? Marty Neumeier recently tweeted: „It seems to me that design investment is a leading indicator of higher profit margins and stock prices. Need to prove!“


Organizations are not that different from us, human beings: both are organisms that – as long as they are nourished properly – can survive for a substantial amount of time. Likewise, if you want to make them more attractive, you dress them up; if you want to put them in a competition, you make sure they are lean and fit; and if you want them to be happy, you make sure that they have a purpose.